Factory for metal structures

€ 395,000



Cohen & Josifov Estates presents for sale a factory for metal structures.

The factory is situated near highway E79 Kulata- Vidin. The distance to nearby cities is as follows: Vidin – 50 km; Montana – 40 km; HUGE – 20 km; By Lom – 30 km; Sofia – 200 km. The property has an area of 104,530 square meters and it is located in an industrial zone.

The factory is part of the former structure of the Ministry of Energy. Built to meet the needs of Energy of the Republic of Bulgaria with steel lattice poles welded construction, for power lines 20kV, 110kV, 220kV, 400kV. The activity is suitable for production of cranes and other heavy and light metal structures.
1. The Company has no liabilities to banks and financial institutions, as well as leasing companies. 
2. The Company has no obligations to suppliers, contractors, staff and personnel.
3. The Company has no tax and social security liabilities to the state and municipal institutions.
4. Under the current Council of Ministers decree, all companies within the list of municipalities with higher than average unemployment in the country, are exempted from payment of income tax by enabling them value tax profits will be invested back into predpiryatieto in five year period. 
The company has experience in producing columns welded and bolted construction of three electricity distribution companies in Bulgaria – CEZ Bulgaria, EVN, ENERGOPRO, poles for the transmission network of the mining industry – “Maritsa East”, poles high voltage NEC and P “High Voltage Network” , poles for overhead NRIC – BDZ masts for military applications, antenna masts for telecommunications operators, antenna masts for farmers. The company has experience in the production of many other types of steel structures – metal workshops, foundations, lighting columns, details and designs for construction. The owner of the majority holds 92.53% of the total number of shares.
We offer a brief description of the main real estate: 
1. Property area 104,530 square meters
 2. Production facility with H = 12 m area = 1922 m2
 3. Production facility with H = 4.5 meters area = 708 m2
 4. Domestic room area = 322 m2 
5. The two-storey building dining area = 514 m2
 6. Storage of materials area = 147 m2
 7. storey administrative building area = 640 m2
 8. Apartment No8 in an apartment building area = 52.80 m2
 9. Apartment No15 apartment building area = 50.51 m2 
10. Supporting small buildings: checkpoint, SML serving area = 100 m2
 11. Dedicated transformer with a capacity of 1000 kVA area = 35 m2
 12. Exposed areas paved area = 20,000 m2 
13. Fence from concrete panels H = 2 meters around the entire property length of approximately 1.8 km
We offer a brief description of the main movable property: 
1. Car Peugeot Partner, 2005 1 number
 2 Renault Cango, 2002 1 number 
3 Cranes 6.3 t 3 pieces1. Peugeot Partner, 2005 1 piece
2. Reno Kango car, 2002 1 piece
3. Portal cranes 6,3 tons 3 pieces
4. Indoor production cranes 6,3 tons 3 pieces
5. Telphers 1.2 points 4 pieces
6. Excentric presses from 63 to 160 tons of 9 pieces
7. Guillotines up to 16 mm 2 pieces
8. Press cutter 1 piece
9. Band saw OL 330 DGH 1 number
10. Strain C11M 1 count
11. Column Drills 2 pieces
12. LAG / MAG welding machines 4 pieces
13. Electrogen units 500 A 10 pieces

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