About us

“Cohen&Josifov Estates” was founded  by Elena Cohen and Zhivodar Iosifov. The company’s pivotal business objective is to provide high quality customer service in the field of real estate, management of foreign capital in Bulgaria and other countries, as well as facilitation of transactions in the various areas of the property industry. The services we offer include mediation and counseling on matters concerning the sale an123d purchase of residential and recreation sites, and resorts.

Moreover, our team provides qualified assistance to customers in order to ensure the smooth and correct completion of business ventures and transactions related to the management, development, and purchase of industrial estates.

One of the main activities and priorities of our company is to provide timely and adequate professional counseling to our clients in order to guide, support, and facilitate the management and the efficient implementation of investment ventures of foreign customers in Bulgaria.

The team of “Cohen&Josifov Estates” has over 15 years of experience in the sale of resort and urban properties. We have successfully advised and assisted numerous international companies to enter the labor market in Bulgaria and the region.

We at “Cohen&Josifov Estates” offer a wide range of legal, accounting, and administrative services of diverse nature. These services include analysis of the real estate market, certified property valuations, and consulting during business agreements and capital investments with the help of our experienced and qualified lawyers, members of the Bar Association.

We have spent many years operating on the property market and rendering efficient cooperation to various clients for different projects. The years of business experience and diligent work taught us how to initiate and complete successful transactions, taking into account the individual preferences of the customer and working to achieve the desired results within the agreed deadlines.

Recent market studies show that Bulgaria is among the most sought-after EU countries in terms of the price/quality ratio of labor.

One of the main advantages of Bulgaria compared to other countries as a desired destination for opening new branches and outsourced manufacturing of foreign companies is the fact that Bulgaria has the lowest taxes of all EU countries – only 10% of the company’s revenue. In addition, Bulgaria also has comparatively low lease prices of office space, trade and business sites, and industrial areas.

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