Remarkable aqua complex, a branch looking to the future

€ 8,000,000


Cohen & Josifov Estates presents a unique hotel complex.
Unlike the standard hotels around Sofia, this consists of six three-storey houses built with lots of love and a sense of beauty. Each of them has one apartment and two guest rooms.

In harmony with the surrounding nature, the houses are made of natural materials, and in front of them is revealed the fairytale landscape of the lake with a 30,000 square meter water mirror. Something that can not boast any of the other hotels in the area.

There are a number of attractions at the Hydro Park, the largest of which is the lake for sport fishing. It spreads over an area of ​​30 decares and is loaded with dozens of different types of fish!

The lake is an attractive place for fishermen and because of trophy specimens: catfish over 15kg, carp over 8kg, pike over 6kg and white amor over 8kg. The hosts offer a number of facilities for fishermen and their families to feel good – individual piers equipped with tables, chairs and umbrellas.

Description of everything contained in this unique AQUA complex:

1. Hotel part – six self-contained buildings for recreation with total area of 900 sq.m. The access to each floor is separate and independent.
Modern, boutique furnishings. All necessary installations and systems. Each separate house has a windmill architecture. Facade stone lining of 1500 sq.m. from Ivailovgrad gneiss.

2. Three-storey main restaurant with 160 seats for visitors with total area of 635 sq.m. Quay area of 64 sq.m. exported to the lake and verandas -230 sq.m. for 250 visitors. Medieval Knights’ Architecture, facade stone lining inside and outside-1400 sq.m. of molded Ivaylovgrad gneiss. Fully furnished and equipped with all necessary appliances, installations and systems.Storage areas with refrigerators premises.

3. Beerhouse with total built-up area of 74 sq.m. with 150 seats for visitors under a sun protection shed.Fully furnished and equipped with all necessary appliances, installations and systems. The Beerhouse is inscribed in the exterior of a 40 meters fortress wall.

4. Bower with a total built-up area of 100 sq.m. with a capacity of 300
visitors, for sale of food and drinks, hot and cold showcases. With all
necessary installations and systems. Fully furnished and equipped.

5. Outdoor wet bar with dressing rooms with 20 sq.m. Fully furnished and equipped.

6. Built-in water bar in a pool with a capacity of 100 – 150 visitors. Fully furnished and equipped.

7. Children’s play complex, located on an area of ​​2000 sq.m. , offering
a gaming four-tower castle and six slides, inflatable and elastic trampolines,sandboxes for play, swings, a wooden pirate ship.

8. Changing rooms with toilets and bathrooms for public service, with total built-up area of ​​80 sq.m. located to the first pool. Fully furnished and equipped.

9. Sanitary wagon with toilets for public use with total built-up area 20 sq.m.

10. Zoological garden, formed as a collection of individual cage veillers with over 30 species birds and mammals. The Zoo is located on 400 sq.m.

11. Three large wooden bowers with different vision and architecture, with a total built – up area of ​​85 sq.m. They are used for rest and for eating. They have 40 seating areas served by
the beerhouse.

12. Two thematic bowers – Russian and Chinese – with a completely thematic architecture, with a total built-up area of ​​35 sq.m.

13. Playing windmill type complex with painted walls and
impact-absorbing walls and flooring.

14. Constructed stable and stable metal sheds, wooden roofs
and high-quality bituminous roof tiles.The Sheds are used to protect against rain and sun on attractions and amusement machines. Total area of ​​the sheds 150 sq.m.

15. Eight pieces of fishing piers for fishing, with sheds, tables and chairs. With a total built-up area of ​​64 sq.m.

16. Large 40m long fishing wooden quay total built-up area of 256 sq.m. Completely built and renovated by 40 cubic meters. impregnated wood. Umbrellas, benches and tables.

17. Freshwater lake for sport fishing. Built entirely of 161 meters of concrete retaining walls with pre-wall stone masonry. The lake was scrub-up through 2010, with 800 freight truck journeys, or 16,000 cubic meters sludge.
Completely rebuilt retaining dike – containing 9000 cubic meters rocked earth mass.

18. Pavement alleys and squares , with a total area of ​​8400 sq.m. .
Constructed with 10-12cm reinforced thick layer resistant floor Ivaylovgrad gneiss of cement sand adhesion.

19. Irrigation system for the whole complex, composed of 1800 meters of piping system
control, cranes, shafts, drippers, special pumping hydrophore

20. Pumped hydrophore system with own ground drilling F160, from depth 80
meters, inverter pumps, own tank 8 cubic meters. with automated filler

21. Sewerage system f200 was built up to the rural distribution system whit a total length of 320 linear meters, two pumping stations with four units pumps.

22. Built-in transformer station for the complex with capacity 630 kVA.

23. Perimeter lighting of 14 metal poles with 28 energy saving
luminaire, pipe and cable network 1600 linear meters, with distribution shafts,electrical panels and automatic control.

24. Area lighting in the area of ​​the complex, realized with 34 pieces of metal pipe columns with 136 metal-halogen lamps, pipe and cable network of 1200 linear meters, distribution shafts, electrical panels and automatic control.

25. Seasonal object “Pizza and Cold Drinks”,with total area of 18 sq.m. , with capacity of service 100 – 150 visitors. Fully equipped with installations, equipment and appliances and powerful ventilation system.

26. In the whole complex there are about 1000 seating places of wooden and rattan
furniture .

27. The entire complex is surrounded by a green fencing net of a total length of about 1600 linear meters.

28. In the recreation areas around the pools are 1300 wooden pieces
sun loungers with tables; 100 barbaron puffs; 300 solid metal umbrellas.

29. In the recreational areas around the lake are located 60 stable metal
swings, each for two people; 300 pieces of hammock stands for individual rest.

30. The overall workflow, entrances and areas are monitored by highly efficient
video surveillance system consisting of 72 megapixel cameras,
record the information for a period of at least one month.

31. There are five official independent communication networks based on
optical and copper connectivity, representing: a CCTV network;
„MISTRAL” service network on the territory of the whole complex
all customer service points; hotel connectivity network to
internet space; a specialized WI-FI network built on
Devices delivered by Ruckus Wireless Leader; backup communications network.
Servers for maintaining databases. All customer service points are
equipped with computers and cash registers – 14 pieces.

32. Modernly built shop for selling gift, souvenirs and beach
accessories, with a total built-up area of ​​20 sq.m. Fully equipped and furnished with all necessary systems.

33. Three entry-exit points with built-in control systems
access and full administrative servicing of the clients, with a total built-up area of ​​15 sq.m.

34. Energy pyramid for relaxation, precisely geometrically scaled copy of
The Cheops pyramid at the Giza Plateau in Egypt, with a total area of ​​50 sq. M. The building is strive to achieve complete harmony with nature and the spiritual world. Exposed above
130 types of precious and semi-precious stones with their energy effects,
relaxing music and lighting, positive messages from Earth and depths of the Space.

35.The complex was built in 2016 and following pools are built on the territory of the complex:

35.1. Pool for adults with an area of ​​230 sq.m. and an average depth of 140cm;

35.2. Children’s pool with an area of ​​80 sq.m. and a depth of 40 cm; Kids slide 4.5 meters long.

35.3. Machine and compensatory premise with an area of ​​80 sq.m.

35.4. Large swimming pool for adults with a water bar, with an area of ​​460 sq.m. and average depth
140 cm.

35.5. Machine and compensatory room with area of ​​100 sq.m.

35.6. Children’s pool with an area of ​​100 sq.m. and a depth of 40 cm with mounted water -Attraction triple slide “Octopus”.

35.7. Adult swimming pool with an area of ​​440 sq.m. and an average depth of 140 cm.

35.8. Slide-down swimming pool with an area of ​​120 sq.m. and average depth
120 cm.

35.9. Machine and Compensation Room with an area of ​​120 sq.m.

– water wheels
balls for walking on water
– mini golf
– Beach volleyball
mini soccer field
– ATVs
– paintball field
– Rodeo bull simulator
– carriage
– tumbling
– billiards
– table football
– a crane machine
– Air Hockey
– gym equipment

36. The “PINK WORLD” project representing the above-mentioned swimming pools, five-storey public service building with dressing rooms, bathrooms and toilets,premises for rest of staff, start-up area with a total built-up area of 311 sq.m. Facade lining from molded whit Ivaylovgrad gneiss 490 sq.m. Water slide Bodyslide, length 85.7m. including fiberglass grooves, metal supporting structure ;
Freefall water slide, length 41m. Includes a fiberglass spout, metal supporting structure;

37. Unified agricultural property with an area of ​​23005 sq.m. , bordering directly
northeast with the AQUa-Parkin which the property is detached
serving farm buildings, football field, detached park with wood
types, walking alley, automated irrigation system.

38. A bridge and an island of love. Richly landscaped and decoratively illuminated authentic a 52 meter long bridge built on unique Russian technology. Suitable for
secluded island with an area of ​​80 sq.m. , richly decorated with architectural elements in
Ionian style and early Hellenistic architecture.

39. Afforestation of the complex: 50 tree species – 2 000, shrubs 10 species – 500 and flowers over 30 species – 20,000 pieces.

40. Deluxe area: 500 sq.m. area with heated pool 10×4 m and 4 pcs. jacuzzi,
equipped with deluxe deck chairs and bedrooms for 70 visitors, detached independently from
the rest of the complex with vegetation and color.

SELLING PRICE: 8 million EUR excluding VAT

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