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Cohen & Josifov estates offers to your attention apartments for sale in a new gated complex located not far from the resort complex Sunny Day and one of the most beautiful beaches in Varna – Kabakum beach.

🌳 Unbelievable sea view, clean air, good road infrastructure, easy and convenient access at any time of the year, close to the beach, silence!
🌳 At the location of the owners of the apartments in the complex there are: barbecue area, professional and beautiful landscaping and outdoor parking – intended for the owners of apartments in the complex.

Exterior and interior walls

📌1. Facade walls and partition walls between apartments filled with large-format ceramic blocks. These ceramic blocks meet the highest standards for noise and thermal insulation. The final coating is made with two-layer front sheaths, Siniat system and 5 cm Izover Akusto mineral wool for better heat and sound insulation.
📌2. Apartment Partition Walls – Siniat Double Layer Partition Walls 10 cm wool Izover Akusto.

📌Advantages of the used system over the conventional plaster cast.

📌Better thermal insulation properties of all facade walls – 5 cm mineral wool is applied to all walls. Izover Akusto
📌 Better soundproofing on all walls. In the studies performed, the sound insulation is about 20% better than the performance with gypsum plaster.
All partitions and wall panels are made of two layers of plasterboard on each side with a total thickness of 25 mm.
📌Suspended gypsum board ceilings allowing for a large number of lighting solutions.

The highest requirements are observed in the execution of the facades.

We Facade thermal insulation system Weber part of the world leader in sustainable development, Saint-Gobain.
EPS EPS thermal insulation boards – facade density – 10 cm thick.
📌 Facade adhesives and coatings – Weber.
We Facade mineral plaster – Weber Rock.
📌 Facade windows – 7-chamber PVC windows – triple glazing with the highest noise and thermal insulation qualities.

”Viva Plast profiles, 7 cameras, SIENA PN color;
📌system width – 85mm;
📌 the reinforcing metal – 2mm .;
📌 the system has a right wing;
📌 the system has a third rubber seal;
📌 glazing: 4 mm 4 seasons / white 4 mm / K4 mm + argon gas in both chambers;
📌 Fittings – Winhouse (origin – Germany);
Профил profile heat transfer coefficient – Uf = 0.81 W / m²K;
📌 window thermal transmittance – Uf = 0.63 W / m²K;
📌 watertight class – 8A and 7B;
📌 wind resistance class – C2;
📌 load-bearing capacity of load protection devices – Class 4;
📌 air permeability – class 4;
📌 weighted airborne noise insulation index Rw (C; Ctr) = 35 (-2; -5) dB;

The building will have access control, video surveillance of common areas and an intercom bell system. Security systems, TV and internet installations will comply with all possible providers.

Completely finished common areas with granite tiled floors, painted walls and ceilings, automatic designer low-energy lighting. The inside and outside railings will be made of aluminum and triplex glass. For a low-energy home we have provided 10 cm of thermal insulation throughout the facade of the building, treated with high quality facade coatings.

Energy efficient hydraulically operated passenger lift.

Emergency UPS – moving to the nearest stop in the event of a power outage;
GSM emergency communication device;
Device for controlling loads and overloading with visual and acoustic signaling;
Segment display of the cockpit button;
Segment display of all stops;

The apartment complex has 45 apartments in two entrances on seven floors. We offer for sale 31 one-bedroom, 12 two-bedroom and 2 maisonette apartments of 57 sq.m. up to 220 sq.m. breathtaking sea view.

Prices start at 31 120 € for a one bedroom apartment.

📌 Entrance hall and all rooms: exterior walls of the site – brick wall lined with plasterboard, plastered;
📌 Intermediate walls between interior rooms, except bathrooms – constructed of gypsum cardboard with two layers on each side and 10 cm wadded, plastered;
Тени Plasterboard walls of construction with two layers on each side and 10 cm watt, plastered;
📌 Floors – putty;
📌 Ceiling – gypsum putty;
📌 Bathrooms and toilets – walls – cement plaster;
Ви Plumbing installation of plugs laid;
📌 Electrical installation with installed electrical switches and electrical contacts according to electrical project. Flexibly designed to provide the comforts of home you need;
📌 Terrace – flooring – fully finished, aluminum railings and triplex glass;
📌 Entrance door – armored, with reinforced metal construction;

Joinery – 7-chamber (85mm) system, triple glazing (44mm) with two special windows (four seasons + white + K glass) with argon gas and the highest noise and thermal insulation qualities. Winhouse fittings (Germany) and 2mm. reinforcing profile. Exterior and interior window sills are made of limestone;
📌 Entrance apartment door – MDF veneer, with reinforced metal construction;
📌Completed and installed intercom system – by design;
📌Fully laid track (pipes and cable) with outlets to each room. Separate seats for air-conditioning systems;
ДО Possibility to complete “TO KEY” for additional payment at preferential prices:

📌 Corridor / entrance hall: walls – gypsum plaster and latex painted (optional color), floor – terracotta / granite;
📌 Living room / kitchen: walls – plaster and latex painted, laminate flooring;
📌 Bedroom: walls – plaster and latex painted, laminate flooring;
📌 All ceilings of rooms and corridors – filled with suspended gypsum plasterboard ceilings (with mineral wool – 5 cm) and latex painted – optional color;
📌 Bathroom: walls – faience room floor – terracotta; ceilings – suspended ceiling made of PVC;
📌 Equipment: monoblock, porcelain. sinks, batteries and boiler;
📌 Interior doors – MDF veneer (optional color);
📌 Entrance apartment door – MDF veneer, with reinforced metal construction;

📌Professional landscaped yard with seating areas. 33 open parking spaces. BBQ area.

There will be no maintenance fee! The maintenance of the common parts of the complex will be taken care of by the owner-selected professional homeowner company!

For contact:
Cohen & Joseph’s Estates

Viber and WhatsApp:
☎ +359 876 351 713
☎ +359 887 967 983
☎ +359 887 671 814


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