One-storey house – Nevsha

€ 42,000


🏡 Cohen & Josifov Estates presents to your attention a renovated one-storey house located in the village of Nevsha!

📌 The property has an area of ​​150m2. , after repairs, laminate flooring and new PVC joinery. The property consists of two bedrooms, one with terrace, kitchen and living room with fireplace and inner bathroom with toilet. The plot has an area of ​​2200m2.

📌 The village is located 100 m south of the Hemus highway and is 55 km from the city of Varna, 17 km from the town of Novi Pazar and 25 km from the town of Provadia. In the southern part of the village is Nevsha railway station.

✔ Many foreigners are attracted to nature in the area. Among the foreign residents, the English are the most numerous.

ℹ Nevsa can boast a few more things. The land of the village is almost entirely protected area, surrounded by rock formations everywhere. Nevsha is a picturesque village nestled between magical rocks. The village has many caves and chasms – Mechacharitsa, Sofrata, Srutistoto, Shepherd’s cave, Little Eleme, Komincheta, Black Cave, and more..

ℹ Paragliding jumps are organized in the village of Nevsha, as well as people from all over the world and the country come in the summer season to start their air trips with a paraglider from Nevsha. Experience an explosion of emotions – from the adrenaline of flight to the serenity and tranquility of nature, accompanied by the joy in the eyes.

ℹ Only here in the country is the very rare and protected plants-Trijilkova metlichina. Walking around the beautiful places around, you can also find protected wild orchids. In the rocks above the village there are nests of Egyptian vulture, which are also a sheltered look.

ℹ Agriculture is a major occupation in Nevsha. However, tourism has been developing in recent years, with two guest houses already in the village, and the construction of a winery with ecologically clean wine is soon begining. The deserted former pioneer camp in the vicinity is already returning to a new life, but not to meet children with red ties, but tourists wishing to visit Nevsha – the village bearing the name of a proud, beautiful Bulgarian woman!

Cohen & Josifov Estates

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