Jeff Bezos’s story about Amazon’s first order from Bulgaria

Founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos revealed an interesting detail related to Bulgaria. Headed by its largest site for online shopping has sold its first product that is in our untitled-2country.

The video is not new, but until now has gained popularity in Bulgaria.

“In the first six months we had only one order and it came from Bulgaria. I did not know that in 1995 there was no internet access, but they did. This customer does not pay by credit card and cash, which is a payment method that we encourage. The customer had put two hundred-dollar bills folded into a small package. And he was wearing this little package with money in the disk. He opened a small metal cap and hid them inside the disk. Then send it to us by mail, and a separate note read: “Money is hidden in the disk.” It said also that customs would steal your money if you know English. We opened the disk and saw inside her $ 200. They had posted the order number so we can match the payment with it. We delivered their books and the contract was concluded, “Bezos revealed to an audience in the United States.

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