Villa Jazzy

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Cohen & Josifov Estates presents you villa Jazzy.Back in 2012, when the owners of villa Jazzy began looking for an excellent investment plot, they had searched among variety of possible options from Shabla on the North Black Sea coast to way down south near the town of Primorsko. After seeing more than 20 plots and nearly at the edge of disappointment, they had come across a villa area near Albena resort with a truly deserved name – Sunrise.


It was a breathtaking first sight of the place, where now Villa Jazzy stands. Dazzling sea views, green hills, fresh air, and ecological region, everything you would search for at one place. That is exactly what the word serendipity was thought out – an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

There was no doubt that the villa of their dreams would be built there and when finished they would like to share that beauty of both location and villa with all of you.

So, work got started, all documentation was set up and after the transfer of ownership was completed, the planning of the building works could begin.


A Bulgarian architect, who had spent more than 15 years in Austria, was chosen. He was a professional with great experience in designing vacational homes, who heartily took the task to design this modern building, mostly because the near by town of Balchik was his birthplace and he had kept precious childhood memories of the area.

Due to the complexity of the terrain, the construction of the building was certainly not an easy task. That is why the next step was to choose a reliable construction company with proven experience in the field.

And so, a month after purchasing the plot the work on preparing the terrain for this exquisite villa had began. Seasons came and passed and the construction work had not stopped even when in winter 2012 temperatures dropped to -15 degrees Celsius.


The owners of the villa realized that without professional help for choosing furniture and decoration the impact of the villa wouldn’t be the same. Probably the most emotional moment in creating Villa Jazzy was the choice of the interior designer. And as best things in life happen by chance, so unexpectedly they came across the right person for this task. He was an eco-activist, who passionately defended the migration of the birds via Via Pontika and their resting stop in Bolata Seaside area and Kaliakra Cape on the Northern Black Sea coast. Among his eccentric interests, typically for a man of art, the designer has had natural taste of beauty and sophisticated pleasures. A wine presentation in the Queen’s Palace in Balchik was the meeting point for him and the Villa Jazzy’s owners in the spring of 2013. Enchanted by the idea to work on such a modern design, he devoted his whole energy and artistic scope, so that he could create the perfect project -a breathtaking villa for rent, constructed with natural materials, pure lines and in the same time so cozy and welcoming, so that you could feel at home.


Villa Jazzy opens in June 2014. It is composed of 4 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, specious living area with open plan kitchen, dining and lounge areas, plus an additional shower-room on the ground floor. Outside apart from the marvelous scenery, there is a swimming pool and a parking lot.

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